A bitter author, a jealous friend, and a HOUSE that foretells death.

Welcome to New York, 1839.

Part thriller, part detective story, part surrealist drama, Fall of the House is an environmental play that uses movement, music and text to explore the extraordinary circumstances behind the writing of Edgar Allan Poe’s famous short story “The Fall of the House of Usher”: a tale which eerily mirrored Poe’s own life (murder conspiracy and all).


It’s a reexamination of the Poe we think we know from the minds of female and lgbtq+ creators, with one very unique theatrical element: our “HOUSE” is is made up of people. They are ensemble of Shadowland-like dancers who act as hive mind, building and unbuilding reality (and parts of the set) before our very eyes. 


Though they will never leave their seats, the audience will be engaged in a 360 degree sensory experience. Mind bending sound effects, light tricks,  and the physical proximity of actors make this the perfect show for anyone who loves horror, history, literature, drama, dance or magic. Think “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” meets “Hamilton” meets “Sleep No More”

Prepare yourself . The HOUSE is waiting